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Senior Embedded Software Engineer

About The Position

About Us

KayHut is a young, innovative, fast-growing company engaged in cyber research and security solutions. We are unlike any other company you have ever worked for. We do what no one else does, and we have great fun doing it.

We are looking for a senior embedded software engineer to join us in researching and developing cutting-edge cyber security projects. 



As an Embedded researcher and developer, you will be dealing with:

●      Real-time Embedded End-to-End Low-Level software development on various unique embedded platforms and environments.

●      Researching complex Embedded systems.



●      5+ years of experience in real-time embedded systems development, writing code in C/C++ and Assembly.

●      Deep understanding of embedded systems internals and operating systems.

●       Experience with embedded systems communication protocols, peripherals and debugging.

●      Good knowledge of network communication protocols and topologies.

●      Experience in Python scripting.

●      Highly motivated and very creative individual.

●      Bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering.

●      Experience in reverse-engineering using disassemblers - advantage.

●      Experience in vulnerability research - advantage.

●      Experience in the telecommunications industry - advantage.

●      Graduate of an elite technological unit in the IDF – advantage.

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