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Junior Vulnerability Researcher

Hertzelia, Israel

About The Position

Junior Vulnerability Researcher

 As a vulnerability researcher, your main focus will be on vulnerability discovery & exploitation. You will research different kinds of systems in a variety of OS’s.


Minimum Qualifications

2+ years of relevant industry experience as vulnerability researcher (low-level or high-level).

Experience with writing code in assembly, C and Python.

Experience with a disassembler for vulnerability research (IDA Pro or GHIDRA).

Familarity with common exploitation methods.

Good understanding of OS internals (Windows / Linux). 

Familarity with common security mitigations. 

Highly motivated and creative individual.

Ability to work individually and as part of a team

Fast learner who can understand new and complicated systems


Graduate of an elite technological unit in IDF

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineer.


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